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Founded in 2001, Homelink Corporation has since helped thousands of families displaced from their residence by disaster. Anywhere you need us, at anytime of day—we’ll provide anyplace necessary to restore comfort and balance to your insured.

Regardless of time or day, all calls are answered by our knowledgeable Homelink staff—not an answering machine or call center. Each claim is assigned an individual contact dedicated to setting the right tempo through on-going communication and support. We have maintained strong relationships with adjusters and insureds from all carriers while ensuring housing arrangements stayed within policy limits.

Our Mission: To accommodate the unique needs of the insurance carrier and policyholder during an unplanned, traumatic event while providing the highest level of compassion and service at the most competitive price. Our goal is to create a positive experience that will be remembered long after the claim has been forgotten, so policyholders will remain loyal to their carrier for many years to come.  

Testimonials – Policyholders Love Homelink
Location: Parlin, NJ
Policyholder: Cheryl B.
“I cannot say enough about our Homelink claims consultant’s prompt responses, general concern to my displacement due to fire, and my psyche going through this alone. As a single woman with no family in New Jersey, I was concerned about rental costs, living for 6-8 months in a furnished home (would it be clean enough), transportation to NYC, etc. Together, we found exactly what I needed! She even followed up after I was placed! I’m an avid believer in customer service, following up on the follow-up and treating people how you wish to be treated, and it’s apparent so is she!”
Location: Raymore, MO
Policyholder: Theodore and Rita H.
“The Homelink staff went above and beyond what was expected. We couldn’t believe everything that they accomplished in such a professional and courteous manner. Follow up calls were so kind. Everyone was outstanding!”
Location: Chicago, IL
Policyholder: Yolanda G.
"Our Homelink claims consultant went above and beyond the call of duty! During our hour of need she made the transition go so smoothly. Please thank her for her love and kindness shown to us during our time of need."
Location: Augusta, GA
Policyholder: Damien E.
“Homelink made this experience very easy for me and my family. Thank you very much!”
Location: Fairfax, VA
Policyholder: Janice K.
“Homelink was the most positive of all actions that were taken to accommodate my misfortune. Everyone that assisted me should be praised for their support and dedication to me as a customer.”
Location: Elmhurst, IL
Policyholder: David J.
“My Homelink claims consultant was incredible and so amazing! When someone has a house fire you feel like your world has just come to an end, but she was there and made the transition easy. I can’t thank her enough.”
Location: Sumter, SC
Policyholder: Christopher B.
“Our Homelink claims consultant was a wonderful help. We wouldn’t have made it through this ordeal without her professionalism.”
Location: Plainfield, IL
Policyholder: Robert and Kaye D.
"We were treated with such kindness by everyone, from our Homelink claims consultant who handled everything and answered every question, to the people who delivered our furniture and housewares. We are beyond happy with the rental house that was found for us and with everyone at Homelink that helped!"
About Us FAQs
How do you handle pets?

We accommodate domestic pets in all of our placements. Often the landlord charges an additional pet fee or extra security deposit.

Who will handle utility connections?

When requested, we will assist with the connections and transfers.

What is provided with each temporary residence?

Each property is designed to specifically suit the individual needs of the family. Our packages include furniture, housewares and appliances and come in 3 pre-approved levels to suit different lifestyles. Specific requests can be accommodated in the event the client has special needs furnishings.

How important is my commitment to length of stay?

Accurately evaluating the restoration length of stay helps control costs. It is important not to under estimate the length of stay needed, because it is generally more expensive to accommodate a one- or two-month commitment with (3) one-month extensions than requesting a four- or five-month lease from the outset.

Will someone notify me before the lease ends?

All of our leases have an attached month-to-month rider in the event we need to extend the lease per the insurance company’s approval. A 30-day move-out/extension notice provision will be provided. We will contact you via phone 30 days prior to the end of the lease so that you will have sufficient time to determine if the lease should be ended or extended. It is important to get the proper extension sent out on time so that additional charges are not incurred.

What paperwork does my policyholder sign?

The policyholder will be responsible for signing a residential lease as presented by the property owner. A month-to-month extension rider is also presented during the lease signing and is attached to the lease as an addendum in the event the restoration to their permanent home is not yet complete. The policyholder is expected to sign a housing agreement with Homelink Corporation if they are accepting a property we are providing. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties and gives authorization for Homelink Corporation to pay for additional living expenses for rent and the security deposit on the client’s behalf.

How does your billing work?

We bill upfront for the duration of the stay, so each invoice will list each month as a separate line item. Security deposits are also listed separately on the invoice. Any extensions will be billed as they are incurred.

How do I justify using your service versus doing it myself?

Homelink Corporation, saves you time, money and enhances your knowledge of the real estate market within the particular area of the filed claim. When your policyholder is in need of appropriate temporary housing, our immediate action and exceptional customer service is our foremost concern. Acting on your behalf, we quickly provide an appropriate temporary residence that meets specifications. Our prompt personalized service means your family can turn their attentions towards other aspects of the claim process. 

We save you money by controlling all housing related expenses. We work with your property adjusters and identify cost-effective property options that best suit the needs of the family. We keep expenses low by shopping among all available properties, leveraging relationships with property owners, and being adept at negotiating short-term residential lease agreements. We also provide savings in furniture, housewares and appliance rental costs through negotiating favorable pricing programs with nationwide and regional rental companies. All of these savings get passed on to you.

When do I call Homelink Corporation?

Call us immediately. Anytime. Even before you determine the length of time before the home can be reoccupied. If the housing requirement is one day to one year, Homelink Corporation can assist with every displacement regardless of the amount of time the family is displaced.

How are security deposits handled?

We prefer that deposits be deducted from contents/personal property or other appropriate coverage. This encourages the policyholder to take good care of the property and take responsibility in their rental.

How do you locate housing anywhere in the country?

Our experienced client service representatives utilize a number of resources and negotiating techniques for finding all types of dwellings anywhere in the country. Among all of our resources is a specific nationwide database of properties and a custom search engine for exact like-kind properties. Location does not affect our delivery time. No matter where in the country your policyholder needs accommodations, we are equipped to effectively handle their needs and requests with compassion and dedication.

How does your housing process work?

Immediately after you submit your housing request, we:

  • contact your insured
  • locate appropriate housing which includes negotiating the proper lease term
  • obtain your approval on the rate
  • arrange the showing of available properties
  • coordinate all paperwork
  • setup delivery of furniture, housewares and appliances
  • manage the move-in, including any problems/issues that may arise
  • monitor the policyholder displacement throughout their temporary stay

How soon can my insured be placed in housing?

We call the policyholder immediately after receiving your request and place them in a hotel within 15 minutes. The search process for temporary housing begins right away. We locate the available properties within 48 hours or less and make them available for viewing by the insured at their earliest convenience. Upon approval of a property by you and your insured, we will have an immediate move-in date. Furnished corporate suites are usually available for immediate occupancy. Properties that we furnish take one or two days to prepare. Mobile homes typically take 3 to 5 days to deliver, setup and furnish.

How do I submit a housing request?

Simply call us direct at 866-731-9700, or click the link at the top of our website “Request a Claim”.


What are your housing options?

Homelink Corporation is committed to providing the optimal property for each unique situation—from apartments, condos, townhomes and trailers to single family homes. We are also equipped to provide commercial spaces for your business policyholders. To accomplish this goal we have developed strong relationships with corporate housing providers, private landlords, mobile housing companies and apartment complexes in order to provide options on a short-term basis. All can be fully furnished to suit the needs of the family. Homelink Corporation does not own any of the properties we provide. We are a temporary relocation company securing the most appropriate property for the family, not filling vacation properties or company-owned properties.