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With a simple click of Homelink Claims Management (CM)™, claim adjusters and managers can quickly and more efficiently initiate and monitor the housing process for their displaced policyholders from any device, anywhere in the country, and at anytime of the day.  

HomelinkCM™ is a proprietary online claims portal, developed to simplify and streamline the placement process of policyholders into a hotel or temporary housing. It’s a convenient tool that saves time while increasing productivity and efficiency with each claim. 

Adjusters Stay Connected While On-The-Go
  • Mobile-optimized for convenient access while in the field
  • Receive notifications to your mobile device via email or text
  • View and authorize costs for hotels or temporary housing
  • Review information to determine lease or hotel extensions
  • Access invoices and statements related to the claim
  • Customize and manage your profile preferences
Managers Stay In-The-Know
  • Intuitive report generator for analyzing costs and performance metrics
  • Easy-to-use dashboard interface with fully dynamic options for sorting, filtering and cross-referencing critical data
  • Manage claims by region, team, adjuster or event
  • Reassign claims and make authorizations for the adjuster
  • Monitor policy limits by tracking billing and open balances