Always on call for YOU: 866.731.9700

A fire can destroy a home at any given time and we recognize the necessity of quick response. A loss is never put on hold because of notification time. We are here when you need us regardless of the time of day, or if it’s the weekend or after hours. We’ll place your policyholder in a nearby, preferred hotel within 15 minutes of initial call. Our staff will handle all check-in procedures, set up billing for room and taxes, and take care of any special needs required by your policyholder. 

When tragedy strikes, policyholders have enough on their minds and by having Homelink place them into an immediate, convenient hotel is one less worry. Setting the right tempo at the beginning of the claim is crucial to solidifying loyalty with your policyholders. 

What Happens after Tragedy Strikes:
  1. Insurance Carrier calls Homelink: 866.731.9700
  2. Within 5 minutes, Policyholder is contacted by Homelink 
  3. Approval from Insurance Carrier obtained for hotel budget
  4. Policyholder is placed into hotel within 15 minutes
  5. Homelink handles all check-in procedures and sets up billing arrangements for room and tax
  6. Search for temporary housing near loss site begins immediately