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Tragedies can happen anywhere, anytime and anyplace. You can count on Homelink to be there for you in your time of need after being displaced from your home. By opening doors into safe and secure living arrangements, we minimize the impact of displacement and help restore balance during this difficult time. Your dedicated Homelink Claims Consultant will guide you every step of the way through the temporary housing process, from move-in to move-out. 

Simple Process for Fewer Worries:
  1. Share your specific housing needs with your Homelink Claims Consultant
  2. View your housing options, make a selection, and sign the lease
  3. Sit back and relax while Homelink facilitates the delivery of your furnishings
  4. Have a no-hassle, move-in experience guided by your Homelink Claims Consultant
  5. Prepare to move back home with ease by following Homelink’s move-out checklist
  6. Open the door to your restored home
Policyholder FAQs
What housing options do you offer?

Homelink is dedicated to securing a rental property that meets your specific needs and unique situation. Along with immediate hotel placement, we are able to provide furnished apartments and corporate suites, townhomes, condos, trailers and single-family homes. We are also equipped to finding temporary commercial spaces for business owners that have experienced loss. Our goal is to find a living arrangement near your damaged property that is similar in style and suits your needs and requirements.

Will my child have to change schools?

Homelink understands the importance of remaining close to your school district. Your child has been through enough with being displaced from home, and we want to avoid having to adjust to a new school as well. We have established relationships with landlords and will find a home that is close to the loss site as well as a property that meets your family's needs.

Do I have to negotiate the terms of the lease?

No. Our experienced team will negotiate favorable lease terms for your family and will obtain short-term leases with an option to extend. If your family has special needs, we’ll work hard to fulfill those needs. Whether you need properties that have wheelchair access or a property that is pet-friendly, our staff will find a property that meets your requirements. 

How do we furnish the rental?

Not only will Homelink find a property for you, we will also make sure that you receive the proper furniture, housewares and appliances to suit your needs. Recapturing the comforts of home in your temporary residence is our goal during your length of stay. 

Do I have to cover costs for living expenses and wait for reimbursement from my insurance carrier?

No. There’s no need to write a check for your living expenses. Homelink covers the costs and works directly with your insurance carrier, coordinating all rental payments for the property and furnishings while you are displaced. 

What happens if I need an extension on the lease agreement?

Don’t worry. All of our leases have an attached month-to-month rider in the event we need to extend the lease per your insurance carrier’s approval. We communicate with your insurance carrier well in advance of your lease ending in order to accommodate extensions.