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In 48 hours or less, Homelink will provide like-kind housing options complete with housewares, furniture and appliances for a no-hassle, move-in experience. Special needs are addressed for policyholders that are disabled and for families that have pets and school-aged children. From single-family homes to furnished apartments, we will find the property needed that meets your approved budget.

Along with the like-kind housing search, you can also expect our claims consultants to negotiate rents, arrange furniture delivery, and handle all the move-in logistics. When possible, we’ll even provide prescreening property viewings. 

Our goal is to have the policyholder relocated within 48 hours or less. Faster placements result in cost containment and help bring some normalcy back to the policyholder for stronger customer satisfaction.

What Happens When Long-Term Housing Is Needed:
  1. Homelink conducts property search and like-kind housing options are presented for approval in 48 hours or less
  2. Upon approval from Insurance Carrier, Homelink schedules property viewings with policyholder
  3. Property is secured and lease paperwork and costs are taken care of by Homelink
  4. Homelink facilitates delivery of furniture and housewares and assists in utility set-up
  5. Policyholder experiences a no-hassle, move-in experience thanks to Homelink
What Happens When the Policyholder Is Able to Move Back Home:
  1. A reminder is sent to the Insurance Carrier 30 days prior to end of lease 
  2. Homelink notifies landlord after receiving notice of intent to vacate 
  3. Homelink coordinates the return of the security deposit 
  4. Policyholder conducts move-out checklist with Homelink
  5. Policyholder moves back into their permanent residence